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Ravenwolf Rhythms: Background Tracks for Playing Native American Flutes
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RAVENWOLF 2:  Musical Explorations with Multi Chambered Native American Flutes  & World Music Scales. Click for details & more info...

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U P C O M I N G    E V E N T S    &    C L A S S E S

SIGN UP NOW! Introduction to Playing Native American Flute - Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Learn to play this beautiful instrument in one afternoon! In this single 3-hour class the students will go from little or no prior experience in playing the Native American flute to being able to play the basic Native American scale, and receive numerous handouts for additional skill development afterwards. Basic skills taught will include fingering patterns, breath control, playing rhythms and basic ornamentations.

NO PRIOR MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. A basic Native American flute will be required for this class and will be available to borrow from the instructor or to purchase from EarthSpeak. Participants must be pre-registered & prepaid with EarthSpeak. Seating is limited, so reserve your seat now by calling EarthSpeak at 610-933-7375.

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A Gentle Guide to the Art of Meditation

A Gentle Guide to the Art of Meditation by Maxine Kaye
Featuring Native American style flute music by Frank Henninger

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An adventure of a lifetime!
Our summer 2014 base camp adventure unfolded on the breathtaking shores of Turquoise Lake in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. This slide show captures some of the amazing moments we experienced on our exciting trip.

For more information about this trip or future adventure trips, please contact:
Frank Henninger at 484-985-0195 or by email to

Frank L. Henninger is an accomplished musician, amateur mountaineer, kayaker, hiker, published author and poet, adventure traveler, spiritual seeker and he holds a Masters degree in Liberal Studies.

Frank started playing Native American flutes in 2005. After two short, private lessons to learn the basics, he began saying “yes” to any musical opportunities that came his way -- including more lessons with several well known flute performers and offers to play for various audiences. Frank now plays a variety of Native American style flutes, didgeridoo, udu and other drums.

Frank's musical roots include group and private lessons with Mary Youngblood, Cornell Kinderknecht, Ash Dargan, Jeff Ball, Clint Goss, Jan Seiden, Rafael Bejarano, Jonny Lipford and Hawk Henries.

Frank Ravenwolf Henninger now has three CDs available for purchase. Visit the CD page for more information and ordering details.

Your group or organization can benefit from Frank's experience by scheduling a musical performance, book reading, workshop or slide show. Download our brochure and then visit the contact page to get in touch.