Frank Ravenwolf Henninger


Your Most Excellent Fluting & Drumming Adventure

Stones of Transformation: Melodies of Grace & Ease: by Frank Rävenwolf Henninger & Lou Boden
NASFA 2020 Finalist!
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Your Most Excellent Fluting & Drumming Adventure

Rävenwolf Rhythms: Background Tracks for Playing Native American Flutes
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Ravenwolf 2 CD
NASFA 2020 Finalist!
Rävenwolf 2: Musical Explorations with Multi Chambered Native American Flutes  & World Music Scales.
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Ravenwolf CD
Rävenwolf: Musical Excursions with Native American Flutes.
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Welcome to Ravenwolf Music

Native American Style Flute Awards (NASFA) Announcement of 2020 Awards!

NASFA 2020 FinalistThe Finalists were announced at the end of February 2020, and the Winners on April 18th. Frank Rävenwolf Henninger and Lou Boden were Finalists in the Duo/Group of the Year category and in the Spiritual/Inspirational Recording category, for their work on their joint album Stones of Transformation: Melodies of Grace & Ease. Frank was named as a Finalist in the New Age Recording category for his album Rävenwolf 2: Musical Explorations with Multi Chambered Native American Flutes & World Music Scales

Please visit to see the final NASFA announcement that lists all the Finalists and the Winners in each category.

Check out new videos of Frank playing F Pygmy Rav Pan with friends at the Sunday Celebration Service at the Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living. Visit our video page for more!

Science of Mind Magazine Review

“Stones of Transformation conjures up gems that reflect and refract light. Perfect for listening, meditating, massage, ambient music or just plain relaxation, this CD offers a harmonious blend of wooden flutes and hand pan drum. Each track sparkles like its namesake gemstone, letting listeners decide which stones they need for their own transformation."

Check out the full review from Science of Mind magazine.

Rävenwolf Logo Student Flutes - Now Available!
Attend a Rävenwolf flute class and pick up a custom made Rävenwolf flute. Made by Jon Norris, of Jon Norris Music & Arts, the flutes are crafted from beautiful aromatic cedar in the key of A minor and laser etched with the Rävenwolf logo. Each flute is reasonably priced at $80.

A Gentle Guide to the Art of Meditation

NASFA 2020 FinalistStones of Transformation: Melodies of Grace & Ease by Frank Rävenwolf Henninger & Lou Boden

A harmonious blend of Rav Vast drum rhythms with wooden flute melodies, this album has everything needed for an immersive musical experience, whether that is meditation, massage therapy, an ambient background, or just plain relaxation.

In addition to five long duet tracks, with Frank Ravenwolf Henninger on Rav Vast drum & Lou Boden on wooden flutes, this album also features one flute solo and one Rav Vast drum solo, both supporting the overall goal of meditation & relaxation. Click for details...

Frank Ravenwolf HenningerFrank L. Henninger  is an accomplished musician, circle facilitator, published author and poet, adventure traveler, workshop presenter, and spiritual seeker. He holds two Masters degrees, one in Liberal Studies and the other in Consciousness Studies.

Frank started playing Native American flutes in 2005. After two short, small group lessons to learn the basics, he began saying “yes” to any musical opportunities that came his way -- including more lessons with several well known flute performers and offers to play for various audiences. Frank now plays a variety of Native American style flutes, didgeridoo, udu, djembe, cajon, rav vast II (hand pan), and other drums.

Frank's musical roots include group and private lessons with Mary Youngblood, Cornell Kinderknecht, Ash Dargan, Jeff Ball, Clint Goss, Jan Seiden, Rafael Bejarano, Jonny Lipford, Suzanne Teng, Arvel Bird and Hawk Henries.

Frank Rävenwolf Henninger now has four CDs available for purchase. Visit the CD page for more information and ordering details.

Your group or organization can benefit from Frank's experience by scheduling a musical performance or workshop. Please visit the contact page to get in touch.