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Ravenwolf: Musical Excursions with Native American Flutes CD

Rävenwolf: Musical Excursions with Native American Flutes by Frank Henninger
This dynamic debut album is a blend of traditional native American flute music and other tracks influenced by jazz, blues, New Age and rock. There are solo flute tracks and several with drone and harmony drone flutes.

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Frank Rävenwolf Henninger would like to acknowledge with gratitude the support of his many teachers, mentors and friends, especially the spiritual community of the Greater Philadelphia Center for Spiritual Living. You all know who you are, and please know that I am grateful for each and every one of you who has been a part of my musical journey. A special word of thanks goes to the flutemakers whose flutes were used in this recording: Lee Entrekin, Michael Graham Allen, Brad Young, Roger Bennett, Odell Borg, Ed Hrebec and Stephen DeRuby.

This CD is dedicated to my wife, Melody, whose love supports and inspires my music, and who feeds my soul in countless ways.

All native American flutes played by Frank Rävenwolf Henninger. Guitar on “Bridge Street Blues performed by Eric Miller. Details about the flutes & keys used in this recording are available by clicking here.


[01] Asilomar (4:41)
[02] Art of Skipping Rocks (4:40)
[03] In The Tree (3:44)
[04] In Walnut Canyon (3:52)
[05] Sharing The Pipe (4:58)
[06] Rävenwolf (3:11)
[07] Huron Carol (3:35)
[08] Corn Dance (3:42)
[09] Melody’s Song (3:58)
[10] Bridge Street Blues (3:23)
[11] Hearts Entwined (3:12)
[12] Sunreturn (3:26)
[13] Oh Great Spirit (2:41)

Produced by: Frank Rävenwolf Henninger
Recorded at: Moonfire Studios, Phoenixville PA
Recording Engineer: Eric Miller
Background Music: The following tracks are used with permission from
Gary Cope, recording artist for the BACKGROUND MUSIC FOR NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE compact disc, from which these tracks and track names are copied: “Corn Dance,” “In the Tree,” “Art of Skipping Rocks,” ” Sharing the Pipe,” and “Huron Carol”
Rhythm Accompaniments: On tracks “Oh Great Spirit” and “Rävenwolf” are used with permission from Laura Lee Perkins and Kenneth L. Green, recording artists for the HEARTBEAT compact disc recording, from which these tracks are copied.

Photography by Melody Templeton (landscape above left) and David Eastburn (all photos of Frank); Rävenwolf logo & graphic design by Joy Cobler, moxieINK Design; CD packaging and reproduction by Disc Makers.

© 2011 Frank L. Henninger. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is prohibited by federal law and subject to prosecution.